I want to be this guy!

November 1, 2007 at 12:03 pm (Musings)

Erik Wolpaw. Sadly someone already is him so I guess I’ll have to try something else.

Two updates on the bounce with nothing but links in them. I should probably do some actual writing. Or then again, perhaps I shouldn’t, why don’t you 40 or so people a day who read this leave some comments and let me know what you’d like to see more of, less of and what you think about the blog generally?

I didn’t mean that last bit to sound as desperate as it came out. Try and read it with a butch and self-assured inner voice thing going on.



  1. Lee Saggers said,

    It’s ok mate, we understand *pat on the back*

    You get 40 readers a day cause what your doing is just fine and dandy and were nosey g*ts.

    Personally the mmo subject i’ve been arguing with friends over is Item worth.

    Do you think mmo’s nowdays put to much emphasis on Item collection and progression through that next “Phat Lewt” or can a game that has replacable low cost items with high ware or player lootable corpses live in this day and age thanks to the EQ style game. Surely somone can supply a better “end game” than that next 7 hour raid for chance at getting the Sword of uberpwn instead of his current sword of pwn.

    Id like to see your thoughts on the progression and maturity of things like this.

  2. Flim said,

    I like the rants and the musings 🙂 though some things just need to be linked (like that Erik Wolpaw interview – bloody funny)

    Could maybe post something controversial and flamebaity and see if we can get a good riot going on – should drive some more commentors (possibly of the wrong kind though…)

  3. Ryuno said,

    I read your blog quite often, and think its quite interesting. Just lately have been reading from work and usually not finding the time to think about something decent to reply to a post with 🙂

    General rants are always good IMO, and can usually spark a good discussion.

    I refer back to a previous comment of mine on here 🙂


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