Scooby Doo Moments

December 1, 2007 at 11:57 pm (Info)

I’ve decided not to keep the anonymity thing going. I figure that most of the people who read this blog know or strongly suspect who I am anyhow so I’ve done a bit of tidying and editing to reflect that.

For those who didn’t know or those who were looking for my blog, this is the personal blog of Iain Compton – aka IainC, aka Requiel – the former DAoC Europe GM and now the English Community Manager for WAR in Europe.

Please note that this is not an unofficial communications channel for Goa or EA Mythic. I’m not here to sort out issues or answer specific questions about WAR. That’s what I do on community sites and our official website with the sanction of my managers. This is just a place where I like to talk about MMO design, concepts, news and whatever else happens to interest me at the time.



  1. -eric said,

    *removes latex mask*

    Aha! So you’ve been behind this all along, Mr Compton!
    (Okay, I wasn’t following your blog before today, but I couldn’t resist the Scooby doo thing 😉

  2. Ryan Shwayder said,

    Welcome to the world of non-anonymity. I might have suggested you keep your anonymity though. 😉

  3. Lee Saggers said,

    Iain you fool!

    And after you used those ants and jam on me to keep quiet 😦

    Most people who read here knew you yeah, but i think this place is going to fill up fast now.

  4. Flim said,

    Eep, bring on the trolls…

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