T-Shirt! T-Shirt!

August 27, 2008 at 11:07 pm (Links) (, )

I was in Leipzig all last week. A crazy time made doubly so by the rapidly approaching launch of the game.

We had an awesome booth and a fantastic crew, Mythic sent a sizeable contingent across too and over the week, we had about 7,500 people play the game on our stand. Pretty awesome!

I got to meet some of my fellow CMs and hang out with some of the coolest people in this industry which is always ace.

Here are my pictures, I’ll go through them over the next day or so to give them titles and descriptions. Have fun browsing!


  1. arbitrary said,

    Love the pics!

  2. Ardua said,

    Whom must I assault for a Tshirt come Games Day UK?

  3. IainC said,

    You’ll need to assault one of the nice CS guys we’re sending to Gamesday. Because it clashes with our headstart weekend (and after the situation we had last weekend) no CMs are going to be allowed out of the office.

    We’ll still have t-shirts, you’ll just have to do without the scintillating company of Magnus or myself.

  4. arbitrary said,

    Hrrm, that’s a bit of a bummer Iain. I kind of wanted to meet you both. We’ll have to come visit your offices sometime (well after launch, of course).

    But CS guys seem much more assaultable.

  5. Ardua said,

    Do you want the CS guys back in working order?

    Also it’s easy. I like an idiot walked from Grafton St to the Coombe but I found the bus for the way back.

  6. Ingafgrinn said,

    Heya Req.
    Okay, this has nothing to do with T’s or whatever, but I just wanted to say that, although I don’t exactly know what went on behind the scenes in the last few days, I wholehartedly agree with your post on the warhammer alliance forum.
    I really hope nothing bad came of it, considering you haven’t posted on that forum for a while cos well, in DAoC I talked to you a few times ingame when I had some troubles, and you generally felt like a helpfull chap (apart for some ToA-ML troubles:)) so would hate for you to be the scapegoat for the whole situation.

    Just my 2 ct

  7. arbitrary said,

    No T-shirt.

    But we had fun and the GOA guys were great.

  8. Flimgoblin said,

    I got a t-shirt and a poster…

    But gave the poster to Polski for his kid (no room in the case) and the t-shirt is about the right size for a 7 year old… oh well the wean will have a cool t-shirt to wear in 5 years 🙂

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