Still alive

December 3, 2008 at 10:48 pm (Navel gazing) (, , )

I haven’t abandoned this blog, I’ve simply been in a bit of a grey area as to what I want to do. As many of you will probably know, my work has changed somewhat in the last few months. I’m not particularly able or willing to talk about it here though.

Things are happening, there are bright things on the horizon and some exciting changes on the way which I’ll expand on in time. Meanwhile, read my Grumlok painting guide. I had fun writing it and I hope that people will link me up with pictures of their completed work too.

A proper update coming soon, in the meantime, I’m not dead and I still have opinions to share.



  1. unwise said,

    Good to hear you’re not ‘sleeping with the fishes’ after all 🙂

  2. dangjr said,

    Hope all is well Iain, glad to hear you didn’t get dragged off by dingos in the night. 😉

  3. Flimgoblin said,

    Superb painting guide 🙂

    Would love to buy some miniatures and paint myself a greenskin army (with gazbag and grumlok leading of coruse) but no room to put them/paint them without a small monkey-child destroying them all.

    Hmm, I could buy a new shed… do they do them with central heating?

    Good to hear that the future looks bright.

  4. Belsameth said,

    Ah, so it was you that wrote the painting guide.
    An amazing job really. Turned out really nice.
    Do you have a couple more pics to share of the finished piece?

  5. IainC said,

    I have a few more pics, unfortunately the nice bright ones that our studio took are on my work PC and I only have the darker ones I took myself here. I’ll stick the better ones up after the weekend.

  6. arbitrary said,

    Was a really nice guide, I’ll keep the blog in the reader, and hope to hear from you again

  7. Where I’m At « Adventures in MMO Community Management said,

    […] in my last blog post Belsameth asked if I had more pictures of my Grumlok miniature in progress. I forgot to upload them […]

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