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December 17, 2008 at 7:41 pm (Info, Navel gazing) (, , , )

Seeing as it’s becoming public knowledge, I need to do a bit of rumour control. It’s true that I handed in my notice at GOA yesterday, I am for the moment still employed there and won’t actually be leaving until the end of January.  I’ll be tidying up some loose ends here in Ireland and then jumping across to Germany to start a new job which takes me back to a development/design role.  If anyone’s interested, the game I’ll be working on is Parabellum and I’m enormously happy to be part of such an exciting project.

For various reasons I’m really not interested in talking too much about the circumstances of my leaving GOA, I will say that I’m going to be sad to leave some really awesome people behind and that I will be taking a lot of very good memories away with me. Anything beyond that is a matter for my exit interview and some carefully written parting emails. I will have been here nearly five years when I leave and it’s been a valuable experience every day. Not always good times but I don’t regret any of my time here.

Finally in my last blog post Belsameth asked if I had more pictures of my Grumlok miniature in progress. I forgot to upload them for ages but I finally got around to it today so here’s a gallery of all the pictures. The darker ones were taken with my digital camera at home while the brighter ones were taken by our studio A/V guy here hence the stark difference in quality between them.



  1. Nic said,


    I’ll miss you dude.

  2. arbitrary said,

    We’ll really miss you and follow Paracellum closely now. Good luck with it.

  3. arbitrary said,

    Parabellum, even. Bah, too early and too jetlagged from my trip. Time to sign up for a beta, eh?

  4. ThatsSkarWithAK said,

    Sorry to see you go. I believe you got a bum steer on the comments incident. Good luck Iain and I hope the next phase is good to you.

    So goodbye from Skarbonefist.

  5. Ogge said,

    Good luck in the future Ian.

    Ogrelin Blodig
    Svea Ulvar

  6. Flimgoblin said,

    Parabellum looks interesting – a bit different from my usual MMO stuff but I quite liked Planetside back in the day so will keep an eye on that 🙂

    Game dev/design sounds like far more fun than community management to me too, congrats on the new role 🙂

  7. IanC confirms... - FreddysHouse said,

    […] confirms… Where I’m At Adventures in MMO Community Management Take […]

  8. Privy said,

    Ehi Iian, sorry to see you leaving but at least now i know Parabellum is going to be an awesome game 🙂
    Good luck.

  9. Yitu said,

    Good luck for your further live!

  10. Jason said,

    Im not from the EU servers, so i have very little knowledge of GOA, but i have seen your name a few times…and one of the more recent ones, was that infamous quote(im sure you know which one) and while i hope that the reason you are leaving is not related to that quote(because not only did i think you were correct in your statement) but i think that it was far to nice, given the enormity of the threat that was given to members of the GOA staff.

    I hope that you have fun at this new job, and that what you said during that interview needed to be said to put some of these pompous douche bags in their places.

    good luck!

  11. Bahumat said,

    Hey Requiel,

    Best of luck with Parabellum. I’m going to keep my eye on this as well. I’ll be sad to see you go as you’re a nice guy, but also because I think I may have been close to convincing you to give me a damn cheese sword haha!

    All the best mate 🙂


  12. Budda said,

    When can we expect the Warhammer Alliance Admins to also leave?

  13. Uara said,


    Mirroring most peoples statements and my own on Freddyshouse. Best of luck to you in the future with parabellum etc I can remember many times on Pryd helping out with problems during raids and quests etc. so thanks again and all the best


  14. IainC said,

    Thanks a lot for all your kind words. I’ve been following the threads on Freddyshouse and WHA and I’ve been very moved by all the support and good wishes. Gaming communities are amazing things and I feel privileged to have been a part of the landscape for DAoC and WAR.

  15. Grim said,

    OMG, I am so grateful that you joined Parabellum otherwise it would never been brought to my attention that there is a MMOFPS underway. 😀 😀

    I have been waiting for one since the glory days of Planetside. I almost cried when it was officially stated that the coming Warhammer 40K would be a MMORPG. 😦

    Good luck on your new job Requiel I admired you work you did during DAoC.

  16. Belsameth said,

    Best wishies in your next job IainC!
    And thanks for uploading those pics. They really look amazing.
    I wish I had only a quarter of that skill!

    (I’ve got an Orc and a Human Bloodbowl team here, if you’re ever out of painting material 😉 )

  17. Chris said,

    Good luck in Germany mate. You’ll be missed!

  18. Fafnir said,

    Good luck with your new job Req, just dont forget to lock up the hosses… :p

  19. MerseyMal said,

    Good luck Iain.

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