I’m a game designer for an MMOFPS destined for release in early 2009. Previously I have worked for two major MMOs as a lead GM and community manager as well as for a tabletop games company as a writer and games developer. My life is pretty good all told.

Thanks for asking.



  1. James Allsopp said,

    I enjoyed you mocking me. I have the greatest respect for you and what you do, but for the comments I’ve read, I’m starting to really doubt it. To pick on a 19 year old is a bit low. If you directed me in the right direction in MMO design then maybe I could see the brighter side.

    As I person so high in the industry I thought you would show some professional drive. Instead of mocking why not helping?

    Oh and another comment, download the SEGA Rally Revo demo for PC. Once installed search the game directory for a txt file called credits.

    Down the list you should find my name 🙂

    Comments like what I’ve come across just make me push my career more, to slap everyone in the face.

  2. IainC said,

    Erm.. Who are you?

    Edit: Ok, after looking up the stats for visitors, it appears that you’re this guy who came in for a round of hearty mocking on Jeff Freeman’s blog.

    If you want to be ‘directed in the right direction’ then here are my protips:

    If you say something mockworthy you will get mocked. Get used to it. Whether you’re a teenage modder or Brad McQuaid you will get pilloried if you say dumb stuff. The more seriously you take yourself, the more this will happen.

    Don’t bullshit. This is the 21st century, we have the internet, we can check things out. You will get called on it and it won’t be pretty.

    If you want to be taken seriously then don’t make up extravagant claims. The people that you want to be hired by won’t be impressed and at the very first hint that you’re not being honest, your CV will go flying towards the bin.

    Don’t be picky. If you want a job in the industry – especially at your age – you aren’t going to be walking into a lead design position or a senior producer role. QA or even CS is a good avenue for moving up the ladder and getting your foot in the door. We are having to hire more CSRs while still in beta because so many of our original crew have moved onto better things internally.

    Don’t be a creepy stalker. If someone says something about you, coming back six months later to bitch about it isn’t going to achieve a whole lot.

    Other than that, good luck and try to keep the fantasy world in the game instead of in your real life.

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